The new church then started their meetings at Memorial Hall in Blanchette Park. At this point, negotiations were under way for property to build the first building. With the help of the St. Louis Mission and Church Extension, the present property was purchased. With the help of the St. Louis Mission and Church Extension, we were able to construct the first building on the site. At this point it became necessary to consider a name for the new church. After an evening of deliberation, the name "Faith" was chosen. With the first building complete, Reverend Powell returned to seminary to complete his schooling and the Reverend John Ward returned to help us. Later, Reverend Ward suffered a fatal heart attack and we received Reverend Reginald Cattell as his replacement. At this point the church purchased the parsonage at 617 Elmwood Drive. During 1967 and 1968, under the guidance of Reverend Cattell, the sanctuary was designed and constructed. The result was a building with excellent acoustics and a beautiful stained-glass window behind the altar. Following Reverend Cattell, Faith Church was served by Reverend Robert Mordt, Reverend Jerrol Boehmer and Reverend Marvin Braungardt. In 1983 the need for more education space became pressing and with Reverend Braungardt's help, we designed and built the present education wing. After the completion of the education wing, Reverend Braungardt was moved, and we were served by Reverend Wayne Kidwell, Reverend Gary Metcalf, Reverend Mark Williams, and Reverend Tom Sullenger . During Reverend Sullenger's stay, a decision was made to construct a new parsonage. Property was purchased at 458 Nantucket Drive, and a new parsonage was soon taking shape. As the parsonage neared completion, Reverend Sullenger was moved and our present pastor, Reverend Jeff Spaulding and his family was the first family to occupy the new parsonage. This is the history of Faith United Methodist Church to date. And for the future. ...? Written by Howard and Mary Hauser, Charter Members

     Written by Howard and Mary Hauser, Charter Members.









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