Church League Dartball

The men play on Monday evenings, September through February. (seasons sometimes vary)





The Golden 55'ers is composed of churchgoers aged fifty-five or older who meet for lunch (potluck) and a program on the first Thursday of each month at 12:00 pm.

The meeting is held in the Fellowship Hall.
The programs vary, consisting of slide show or video presentations, songs, etc.







Faith Quilters quilt tops for people who have pieced or embroidered tops but don't know how to do the quilting. We charge various prices according to the size of the quilt top and the amount of work. Sometimes we bind them, but like to leave that up to the owner.

The money we get for the quilting is given to Faith Church, sometimes designated for a specific cause.
We quilt every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm (sometimes working till 9:30pm).
We do not "piece" quilts.







no write-up yet for scrapbooking






Men's Softball

Two Softball teams play on Thursday evenings, late April through July.






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